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Now, ABS brings you auction convenience like never before.
While it’s completely impractical to drive to all eight of our locations per week, it’s now a piece of cake to do it online with our new PowerSearch feature. Just enter the specifications of the vehicles you want and instantly you’ll find matches across all eight of our locations at once. That’s hundreds more cars than you can possibly see in a week any other way. Think of the gas and time you can save.

And thanks to our new Inspection Guarantee program, you can be assured that every car you buy online has been thoroughly inspected and booked accurately. So you don’t have to drive down to the lot to inspect the vehicle yourself. And we guarantee that the car matches the inspection report and booksheet or we’ll take the car back and refund your money!

ABS Power Search
ABS Inspection Guarantee
Now, with ABS Auto Auctions, you can...
  •   Search without geographic limitations
  •   Shop all 8 ABS locations at once
  •   Locate the exact vehicles you need
  •   Be assured of an accurate booksheet
  •   Trust our thorough inspection with photos
  •   Save time & save money GUARANTEED
Click here to view inspection guarantee levels (5,4,3,2,1).
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