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All new from ABS Auto Auctions: Powertrain Guarantee option.

Sellers now have the option of including a powertrain guarantee on vehicles offered at ABS Auto Auctions. Generally speaking, vehicles offered with a powertrain guarantee attract more bidders and raise bid amounts. Bidders are protected, knowing a powertrain guarantee is in place. This is an option only, not required.

As a guideline, we suggest sellers offer a powertrain guarantee on units 2002 and newer with less than 70,000 miles, or any vehicle that would sell for more that $7,500. Of course, sellers have the option to guarantee any vehicle at their discretion.

If a vehicle is entered into arbitration, sellers will be given the following options:

  1. Have vehicle inspected (ABS has established independent repair facilities near each sale location that will inspect vehicles to verify complaints).
  2. Offer an adjustment.
  3. Cancel the sale.

Below is the ABS Policy in regards to Vehicle Powertrain Guarantees

Click here to view complete ABS Policies.

ABS Policy: Guaranteed Vehicle.

Seller Responsibility

  1. Seller must guarantee, (in addition to title, odometer, and VIN items listed above,) the following if announced as guaranteed.
    • a)    Defects, as determined by ABS Auto Auctions, in the engine, transmission, drive train, differential, c.v. joints, fuel system and powering steering. (Items excluded: brakes, front end, air conditioning and engine leaks unless excessive and is causing damage to the vehicle.)

      b)    Frame, flood, fire, engine changes, fuel conversions and airbag, regardless of year or mileage.

    2.  If sale is cancelled and vehicle is returned, seller will be charged seller and buyer fees, any reasonable transportation cost and any inspection fees, as determined by ABS Auto Auctions.

Buyer Responsibility

1.    Defects that have a wholesale repair cost of less than $400.00 are deemed minor and are not subject to arbitration.

2.    If arbitrated for engine, transmission or drive line assembly buyer must return the vehicle to the sale location purchased and specify complaint within two business day of pick up, never to exceed 4 days from the first designated pick up day.  If vehicle has registered more than 100 miles, it will not be eligible for arbitration.

3.    If the sale is cancelled, only the buy fee and reasonable transportation, one way will be reimbursed.  No other expenses will be allowed.

4.    If arbitrated for frame, flood, fire, engine conversion, fuel conversion or airbag, see buyer responsibility for frame, flood…..…

5.    If complaint can not be verified buyer must pick up car and will be charged $75.00 plus inspection fee.

Click here to view complete ABS Policies.


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