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Inspection Guarantee

ABS Inspection Guarantee
Inspection Guarantee

Inspection Guarantee Rules

An Inspection Guarantee Program is available on all cars. ABS will inspect each vehicle and generate a Condition Report, which bidders can access online. There is no charge for accessing the Condition Report if you do not bid on or buy the vehicle. If accessed and the vehicle is purchased, the buy fee will be increased by $100.

NOTE: We recommend that you view the available inventory on Wednesdays after 1 pm. This will ensure that all inventory for the Wed./Thurs. sale has been inspected and entered, and will give you time to bid before the Tues./Wed. sale closes.

Vehicles are rated by our Vehicle Condition Rating Scale

The Damage Report will indicate the level of inspection done on the vehicle (From 0.0 to 5.0).

Click here for a printable PDF

Grade 4.5 to 5.0, Extra Clean - Vehicle is in excellent condition, with only minor defects in panel surfaces, as noted in the condition report. The body panels require no conventional body or paint work. There are no missing, broken, or damaged parts that require replacement. The interior compartment has no cuts, tears or burns that require repair and shows no signs of wear. Vehicle is mechanically sound and all accessories are operable.

Grade 3.5 to 4.4, Clean - This vehicle will be better than average unit with minor chips or scratches in panel surfaces, as noted in the condition report. This vehicle may require minor conventional body and paint work, or removal of small dents that have not broken the paint using Paintless Dent Repair. The body of the vehicle may have had high quality conventional repairs. A minor missing or broken part may require replacement, as noted. The interior is clean and will show minimal wear. The vehicle may have sustained cosmetic or light collision damage and been repaired to collision industry standards. Vehicle is mechanically sound and most accessories are operable. Tires will be good or better.

Grade 2.5 to 3.4, Average - The average vehicle will have normal wear and tear (for example, parking lot dings, small scratches, chips and/or minor broken parts). It may require some conventional body and paint work, or replacement or parts as noted in the condition report. The interior shows signs of normal wear and usage, requiring repair or replacement of parts as noted. Prior repairs may have been performed on this vehicle at an acceptable quality level. The vehicle may have sustained cosmetic or light collision damage and been repaired to collision industry standards. Vehicle is mechanically sound, but may require maintenance or minor repair. Tires will be average or better.

Grade 1.5 to 2.4, Below Average - Vehicle shows signs of abnormal wear and tear. The body has dents, scratches and body panels that may require replacement, as noted in the condition report. Broken and missing parts are to be expected. The interior shows signs of excess wear with burns, cuts or tears, and non-removable stains as noted. This vehicle may have multiple prior repairs performed at substandard levels, which may include repaired or unrepaired collision. Vehicle may have mechanical damage that prohibits vehicle from operating properly. Repairs can be made, but engine and/or transmission may be in poor condition. Operability of accessories is questionable. Worn tires are to be expected.

Grade 0.0 to 1.4, Rough - This vehicle has been severely abused or has sustained major collision damage, but may be drivable. It is cost- prohibitive to extensively recondition this vehicle by automotive industry standards. Although operable, this vehicle is near the end of its useful life. Operability of accessories is doubtful.

*Any vehicle with a 1.4 rating or less will not have a condition report.

These are general guidelines for defining appropriate rating of vehicles. The vehicles have to be judged on their total condition, and not strictly whether they meet every line of the definition exactly. It is intended only to reflect the overall condition of the unit.

This rating system takes into account the year and mileage of the vehicle.

All items inspected are guaranteed to be in good condition, unless otherwise noted.The Condition Report will only indicate items in need of repair. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to make sure the inspection level matches the car rating.

The Condition Report and Booksheet are guaranteed to be accurate (i.e. year, make, model, VIN, mileage, equipment). This guarantee applies to the Inspection Guarantee Program only.

All Vehicles Inspected for:


All information on the BookSheet is guaranteed to be accurate.

Year, Make, Model Vehicle Identification Number
Engine Size Transmission Type - Auto or Manual

Exterior/Body Condition

We will disclose excessive wear, tear, scratches (excluding those that can be buffed out), dents, dings, rust, chips, cracks, pitted, orange peel, mismatched painted panels and broken items:

Exterior body panels Exterior lights (damage only, not operation)
Glass Side mirrors
Convertible tops Panels out of alignment
Alloy and premium wheels Optional Equipment

Interior Condition

We will disclose excessive wear, tear, damaged, stains, missing and inoperative:

Convertible and top operation Door panels
Seats Air Bag
Dash Air conditioning & Heater
Bezels Moon and Sunroofs
Radio/Stereo (excluding CD & DVD’s) Gauges
Switches Indicator lights
Headliner Visors
Kick Panels  

Tires, Suspension and Brakes

We will disclose excessive noise or pulsation:

Tires will be noted by 32nds of inches C.V. joints
Mismatched tires Soft or low brake pedal
Tire pressure monitoring light ABS lights


We will disclose excessive damage, wear, noises, missing, broken, altered or aftermarket items:

Oil in water, water in oil Intake System
Exhaust system Smoke
Oil leaks Battery
Belts and hoses Misfires
Engine lights  


We will disclose excessive damage, wear, noises, missing, bent, broken, altered or aftermarket items:

Transmission lights Four-wheel drive systems
Transmission slippage Universal joints
Reverse and Overdrive Rear differential

* Vehicles with a condition rating of 1.4 or lower will not have a Vehicle Condition Report.

Inspection Guarantee Arbitration

(Applies to All Vehicle with Ratings of 1.4 or Higher)  

1. Condition Reports and Booksheets are guaranteed to be accurate.

2. All Inspection Guarantee vehicles carry a $250.00 deductible for arbitration.

3. Arbitration for any and all items (except frame) must be reported before the vehicle leaves

the lot. There will be no exceptions. You may take a test drive with our inspector to verify mechanical items.

4. If an error was made by ABS on the Condition Report or Booksheet, the buyer has two options:

a. Cancel the sale.

b. Request an adjustment that is agreed-upon by ABS. If an agreement cannot be reached, the sale will be cancelled.

5. If sale is cancelled, there will be no expense reimbursement.

6. It is strongly recommended that a copy of the Condition Report be used by the person/company picking up the vehicle, in order to verify damage. Frame will be arbitrated within ABS current regular policies.

7. A fee of $100 will be assessed to the Buyer for invalid arbitration on a specific matter. Inspection is limited to the issue being arbitrated only. There is no charge if the issue is validated or the vehicle is unwound.

8. Electronic data reports may be considered on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the auction. The General Manager’s decision is final.

9. Emission systems are not covered and will not be arbitrated.

10. Front or rear independent differential cannot be arbitrated if operable.

11. Vehicles equipped with 4-Wheel Drive will not be arbitrated for issues if 4x4 system is operable.

12. Clutch components cannot be arbitrated if operable.

13. Standard transmission cannot be arbitrated for manual clutches or components unless completely inoperable.

14. Motor/transmission arbitration will be limited to “internally lubricated” parts only.

15. The following will not be arbitrated unless the items require immediate replacement:

a. Lifters

b. Insignificant transmission and drive train shift shock, noise or backlash.

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