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ABS Auto Auctions is a full-service, sealed bid auto auction. Currently, over 500 new car dealers sell 70,000+ vehicles a year to our 1,500+ registered buyers using the ABS auction system. For over 14 years, ABS systems have continually improved with one idea in mind: increase your profits and simplify remarketing efforts.

Maximize your profit.
Obtain the highest possible bid from each buyer with the sealed bid environment. Buyers are unaware of their competitors bid amounts, so they are forced to submit their highest possible bid for each vehicle – right at the start. There is no ‘back and forth bidding.’ Winning bids are often substantially higher then the next highest bid – impossible with traditional auctions.

Profits are increased by an average of $350 per unit regardless of the previous wholesaling methods used. Consider the math - what would this mean to you in extra profits?

The ABS sealed bid format is a time proven winner.

Save valuable time.
Spend only 30 minutes per week wholesaling your unwanted trade-ins using the ABS system. No need to attend auctions or deal with wholesalers one-on-one. Every aspect of the system may be managed on-line, at your desk, in minutes:

  • Review comps
  • Submit inventory
  • Analyze results
  • Approve bids
  • Now you can focus on retail!

Take control.
The ABS system allows you to easily manage your wholesale operation. Access current and historical sales results and clear, informative reports such as sale reviews, vehicle history, pending titles, and the market report. Each is available instantly, day or night, online.

Convenient locations.
Each week, ABS offers 100 - 300 highly desirable, new car dealer trade-ins and aged front line inventory at each of our 10 locations. These conveniently located auctions dramatically cut travel time and attract large numbers of buyers.

ABS Auctions attract serious buyers. On average, 100 buyers attend and bid during each auction. Most are retailers, not wholesalers.

The process begins with a state-of-the-art system that scans the VIN to collect accurate data including year, make, model, trim, engine, and transmission. Then vehicles are booked (using Car Power), photographs taken and complete details uploaded to our database where everything is formatted and sent to the ABS web site.

Marketing culminates in the unique ABS online Advance List. The Advance List includes six photos, a book sheet, and 90 day comparison lookups for each vehicle all available at the click of a button. Additionally, the Advance List is forwarded to over 1,200 registered buyers each week via fax and email . Reminder calls before each auction insure maximum exposure for your inventory.

New buyers are continuously recruited. The ABS Database includes every independent used car dealer in California, and is used for fax and email promotions, comprehensive computer based telemarketing programs, direct mail, and daily sales calls.

Vehicles are carefully displayed, numbered and grouped by dealer. Book sheets appear in each window. Lots are clean and well organized. ABS staffs each sale with trained professionals (one for each 30-35 units) to assist and control the process.

ABS lots feature state of the art security systems including sophisticated cameras that sense human movement (after hours) and transmit images to security headquarters where voice warnings can be sent directly to the lot notifying intruders that police are coming. Cameras run 24/7, allowing us to monitor all activity.

Professional Administration.
ABS is a full service auction, dedicated to serving the new car dealer. Everything is provided including pre-auction marketing, valuation assistance, transportation, washing services, security, arbitration, and DMV paperwork.

Flooring Program.
ABS further increases seller profits through our buyer flooring program. This program adds value to inventory and increases purchasing power. Buyers bid on more vehicles - and bid higher. Average profit per unit is doubled on floored vehicles.

Second chance sale.
Vehicles not sold during their first auction are eligible for our unique second chance sale. This sale is designed to move those few no-sales quickly and reduce time and expenses associated with reruns.

Second chance sales run the day following each auction. They are special four hour sales where each vehicle carries a conditional sale amount designated by its seller, allowing bidders to know what it takes to buy each vehicle. The four hour time limit creates urgency with bidders, who often bid higher than the minimum sale amount.

Guaranteed Bids.
Bids are guaranteed. If a bidder backs out, we honor the bid. You can take that to the bank!

Guaranteed Checks.
Protect your valuable cash. Checks are guaranteed by an "A" rated insurance carrier. Eliminate the risks of accepting bad checks from wholesalers.

Improved Cash Flow.
Our fast and easy title-for-check system guarantees prompt payment within 48 hours. No more chasing checks at auction or from reluctant wholesalers. How many titles do you have awaiting payment?

Commitment is the key.
Dealers who commit all of their inventory, the good, the bad and the ugly, enjoy the highest profits ($400-$600 per vehicle) and percentage of inventory sold (over 90%). As buyers evaluate inventory, they expect to see this range. When the most desirable vehicles are missing, bid activity is dramatically reduced, cutting deeply into your profits. Once dealers establish a positive reputation, buyers bid aggressively and with confidence, week after week.

The ABS system is designed from the ground up to maximize profits and save time for new car dealers in their remarketing efforts. We provide virtually every service of major live-auctions at about one-third the cost, a fraction of the time with better overall results. It is far more effective (and secure) than hand wholesaling one-on-one between buyer and seller.

See what others say about our program (click here). Please feel free to view our New Car Dealer Procedures Manual (click here)

Call or email for more information today.
You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

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